Brand / Promo Videos

This is the main video that every business needs answering the questions: “Who we are, What we do, Why you need it, and How to get it” This should be on the homepage of your website so it is the first thing potential clients can click to get the 30,000 foot overview of your business. Should also be sent out at first contact to potential leads by the sales team.LEARN MORE

Educational Content

A proven way to garner attention within your own industry niche. When you create
videos that educate the public, you are positioning your company as a trusted source of information from a neutral “non-sales-y” standpoint. It is much easier to influence while educating than while selling making this type of content very popular on YouTube, and among institutions who will share it freely.
Usually a combination of animation, b-roll and professional voice over is used.

Testimonial Videos

A powerful way to earn trust and referrals by allowing your existing clients a platform to speak with your future clients.

Product / Service Explainer Videos

Talks specifically about a product, service, or unique selling proposition that sets
you apart.. Animation is typically used for these types of “high concept” videos, but it really depends on the specific product or service.

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are a great way to put your business on the map - literally - when you work with us a Google Maps Street View Trusted Photographer captures your entire premise with a 360 degree panoramic camera that allows your business to be toured from any computer, smartphone, tablet, or VR headset. It also helps you rank higher in Google's search results and you get a laser accurate 2D floor plan of your building which is very useful when it comes to renovations, remodeling, and reselling.

Social Media Content

Short form, straight to the point Call to Action style videos. This type of content is
perfect for paid advertisement and using a variety of different CTA hooks allows for data
to be collected on what the audience is responding to and adjust ad budgets accordingly. These videos are often optimized both horizontally and vertically for Instagram Reels, TikToks and other mobile-first applications.

Custom Logo Animation

Can be used to create cohesive brand recognition throughout all video content and increase brand familiarity over time.

Drone / Aerial

Take to the skies! Few things are more captivating than 4k drone footage and our crew of professionals is here to help you achieve the look you want safely and effectively. Each one of our drone operators is licensed through the FAA and we have a $1 million dollar insurance policy.

Still Photography

Whether you need candid corporate event photography, lifestyle product images, employee headshots, or just want to update the pics on your website - we are here to help!